The Brain Fart Moment By Woman Who Sent Her Own Pics Instead Of The Car For Insurance Guy

We’ve all entered a room and completely forget the things that we wanted to get or do. We have also fought with the front door with the wrong key, i.e., the car key, and cried a little because it won’t open.

Brain fog or brain fart moments like that can make us feel like we’ve done a really stupid thing in life that we like to laugh about when it happens to someone else. And one brave soul who shared both the story and proof of it happening is Alyssa Stringfellow from Arkansas.

A cheerful lady in a pink shirt and gray pants – this lady had mistakenly sent her selfie instead of her car to the insurance guy.

She admitted how this was a ‘blonde moment’ of hers.

Alyssa’s post on her blunder was liked more than 51k times and shared 32k times on Facebook.

She had innocently included pictures of herself from three angles complete with a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite what the insurance guy needed to fill in the data.

But hey, you don’t need to blame yourself for this! Science explains why.

Live Science quotes that psychologists at the University of Notre Dame found out how doors are to be blamed for your memory lapses! Yes, you didn’t forget things because you’re forgetful – “event boundary” is when your brain segmented your memories and thoughts as you cross the doorway.

This mental capability allows us to bring out a “clean slate” up in our minds as we prepare for something in that room. But unfortunately, it also means shoving that one thing you wanted to do when you enter the room into the drawer.

People were reacting with laughter and understanding words.

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