The Bride’s Father Interrupted The Wedding So The Stepfather Could Walk Down The Aisle Too

Weddings are almost always a happy time for everyone involved. Families reunite, many have not seen for a long time. Memories were shared and laughter filled the air around the ceremony. It’s amazing how watching a celebration of love can make you feel inside. It can lift your spirits and make you feel confident for the future. However, most families have some kind of tension between certain families which can cause some problems. Coming from a family of six children, three of whom are my half-siblings, I understand how that can make some family functions uncomfortable. When a biological parent and a stepparent have friction between the two of them, things can get really tense, really fast. The protective nature of parents is something that can cause big problems if taken too far. However, when feelings of resentment can be overcome to reunite two families, it can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. This is what happened at a wedding in Ohio that made people all over the world go crazy. Look what happens when a father interferes with his daughter’s marriage. What happened next was something no one expected at all.

Brittany Peck was getting married in Ohio in front of all her family and friends. The day was going absolutely perfect. Then something that took everyone by complete surprise turned the whole day into something even more special.

Brittany Peck’s father, Todd Bachman, was getting ready to walk his daughter down the aisle when he suddenly stopped and ran to the front seats of the ceremony where her step father Todd Cendrosky was seated. This caused a bit of commotion as there had been tension between the two before.

Then something simply stunning happened. Todd Bachman reached out his hand to Todd Cendrosky and asked him if he would help walk his daughter down the aisle. Photographer Delia D. Blackburn recalled Bachman saying something along the lines of “You helped raise her.”

What a selfless and kind gesture by Bachman. I don’t have any children, but I can’t imagine what kind of courage that took to put aside his differences to make Cendrosky included in the ceremony.

According to the photographer there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after this gesture by Bachman. I know I would be crying after seeing kindness like that displayed right in front of me.

Delia decided to share the pictures and the story on Facebook and it has since been shared over 500,000 times!

I feel most parents would probably tell you that they would do anything for their kids sake. They would go to the ends of the Earth to make them happy and keep them safe. Well Todd Bachman lived up to that billing as a parent on the most important day of his daughter’s life. He put aside his differences and made amends with someone who had most likely had a pretty big influence on his daughter’s life. Brittany Peck has said she is happy her story is getting out there and hopes that it serves as a lesson for parents and step parents to put aside their differences for the sake of their children.

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