The caretaker tried to break into this woman’s apartment and the text message exchange is Horrifying

Louisiana resident Judgie Bee Jonez shares a terrible experience when her caregiver tried to break into her home. The 36-year-old woman shared her text message exchange when the man sent creepy messages trying to enter her room.

Bee’s exchange with man was shared on Twitter with over 146.9k likes now.

Bee explains that there’s a construction ongoing next door after her neighbor left. She thought the text message came in to ask her permission for access to fix something. But the subsequent messages show that that wasn’t the case at all.

Bee firmly replied no, but the man insisted and replied, “I’m coming in.”

He only stopped after Bee threatened to call the cops on him.

In a later update, Bee explains how the maintenance man got her number in the first place, “I live in a building that has only four units.”

“He and the property manager had our phone numbers. He had all four tenants’ phone numbers. It wasn’t because I gave him my number,” she emphasized. “I didn’t have a relationship with him that went sour.”

“He literally used his access as a maintenance man to harass me; this is the larger story. He escalated because it started off with smaller than that.”

“I didn’t mention that because this is what I have something to prove, and y’all still trying to turning this around. Like it has something to do with me,” she added. She explained their conversations were limited to courtesies, never more.

“Y’all gotta stop victim-blaming.”

Many people, way too many, are relating to the bone-chilling experience.

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