The Cute Photos Of Cat And Meerkat Are Winning The Hearts Of Many On Instagram, They Are Bffs

But this meerkat called Surya is not just any other desert carnivore. The suricate Is so special, currently living in the loving home of Ekaterina Kuraeva in St. Petersburg following its adoption from a zoo in Moscow.

For a social animal like meerkat who usually live in clans, mobs, and gangs, you’d think that the house pet is by now bored out of his skull. But Surya is not alone. She has a chunky Chartreux cat named Nice to keep him company.

This unlikely yet very lively duo became BFFs 6 years ago when Nice was already 2-years-old at the time and Surya was only a little babe. The pair clicked since day one and have been inseparable since. Their Instagram profile speaks tons of their special relationship.

Surya has a needy and affectionate personality, enough to make him jealous if Ekaterina is giving too much attention to the cat, often responding with jumps and claws to get Nice away.

Nice, typical of a cat is much calmer and discrete, yet he’s very happy to oblige when Surya needs some tender loving care. They spend all their time together cuddling, playing, and hugging each other. As they do it, they make for, the most adorable photos and videos on the internet.

Ekaterina Kuraeva, the 45-year-old loving owner of the two, updates the Instagram profile daily, which now has over 36k followers, and it steadily keeps growing.

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