The Families Of These 20 People Are Too Goofy To Get Bored With.

A happy family is one where the people can be themselves the best. Just like how these people had the best kind of fun with their family members. Leaving the dog your family picture so they’re not lonely, or purposely taking a funny selfie on your wedding night. Here are just some of the most hilarious situations that could happen in a family.

“My wife insists she needs it, ‘What if she misses us when we’re gone?’”

“I always thought she married me for my charming wit… happy early fathers day to me I guess.”

“I’m not sure our 7-month-old has enough socks.”

“My dad farted while taking a picture of my grandmother.”

“My wife said he wouldn’t get that big, but he got big.”

“My boyfriend’s aunt commissioned her coworker to do a family portrait for her mother. 6 months & $50 later… worth it.”

“She’s still packing. We’ll be gone for one night.”

“Finally proved to my wife that she’s a chaotic sleeper.”

“My wife does planks around the house and I come home to this absolute unit of a son.”

“There are some advantages to being married for 15+ years. Like you can scare your wife with the cardboard figure you found buried in the garage that she bought you five years ago.”

“My husband is a monster.”

“My family in Legoland in 2007, they seemed to enjoy the ride more than I did.”

“My grandfather using his iPad.”

“My frugal wife isn’t even pregnant, but she’s not about to turn down hand-me-downs from her sister.”

“Asked my husband to take a picture of us on our wedding night. This was his only picture.”

“My 9-year-old daughter thought she was funny. Made me some Brownies for Father’s Day.”

“Family road trip blunder years.”

“Told the family there is a prize egg.”

“Had to explain to my grandmother that a USB stick doesn’t need to be charged.”

“Checked on my daughter to see how school was going… now waiting for the teacher’s email… what’s with the bat?!?”


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