The Most Genius Barcode Designs Ever

We never realized how many different ways you could transform a simple old barcode!

Practically everything we buy has a barcode on the packaging. You can easily identify them on the products we have and understand the purpose they serve. However I don’t think until now I have ever appreciated that they could be more than just a way for shops to scan. These brands below have shown that they don’t have to be boring while still serving the necessary purpose. They have gotten extremely creative and we really think they add a little extra something to the packaging. It certainly helps these brands to stand out from the crowd. From now on I will be searching the shop aisles to see if I come across an interesting design!

1.This brand has designed the barcode to match the brand name in a very clear design.

2.From this design we can take a guess that this has something to do with bird food.

3.This brand has incorporated the New York skyline into the barcode brilliantly.

4.Now this is brilliant branding for this shaving-creams barcode

5.This is a brilliant barcode design

6. This barcode is getting to the roots


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