The photographer had a hard time clicking on these images in North Korea.

We all know how crazy North Korea is. It is a nation that lives under a monarchy that is so strict that it is not funny. It is difficult to enter the place as a tourist and in this case it is not allowed to click on the photos. But this photographer made her life difficult!


The poverty in North Korea is not hidden at all! They don’t want you to know about it though. But this image says it all!

Children are starving everyday

Here’s another one that prove what we just said above. Life is tough there. Smiling face of these malnourished kids makes a common sight across North Korea. It is painful, isn’t it?

Army helping Locals

Army helps local everywhere. Everywhere at all. Army men in this country do this job. They help the local travelers and people who need them.

People resting

This is how daily wagers rest in that country. They work hard and take rest as they have to work another day for their basic needs.

In the River!

Bathing in a river is a very regular sight out there in N.Korea. It is illegal to photograph that. But here you go!

More Malnourishment

Here’s some more malnourishment for you! This is really heart breaking to see to be honest! This innocence is undernourishment and covered behind the clothes.

Uncomfortable Bed

Isn’t this the most uncomfortable bed you have ever seen? How is this man resting at such a terrible place? Very heart breaking!

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