The retail representative reveals that all customers say the same “stupid” things during the checkout process.

It’s like how boring straight guys never seem to learn that old, cringe pickup lines just don’t work anymore. This woman shares the most common things customers say that really get on their nerves in retail stores.

UK TikTok user Charlie Smith has had her share of being part of the labor force for retail business. And dealing with customers can be very tiring.

“This is five things customers say that always get on retail workers’ nerves,” Charlie spoke in the TikTok clip.

“Number one: you’re on the checkouts, and something isn’t scanning, and they go ‘oh, it must be for free then’. No, Stacey, it isn’t for free; the barcode’s just not p***ing scanning,” she began with the first one.

“Number two: the ‘oh you look bored, I’ll come to you’ – when you are just happily minding your own business. No, I’m not bored; I’m just avoiding customers.”

She continued with how often customers never paid attention to move up the line because they were busy on the phone, “Number three is when they queue for checkouts and are not concentrating. As soon as they notice the till in front of them is free – ‘oh, sorry dear, I was away with the fairies’.”

“Number four: the classic ‘one thing’ line,” she continued, poking fun at people that used the same line retails workers hear every day.

“They load a whole two weeks food shop onto your till and go, ‘oh I only came in for one thing’. And then you’ve got to laugh and pretend you haven’t heard that thirteen other times in the past half an hour.”

The next one up is the people that don’t look at price tags, “Number five: asking ‘how much is this?’ when they could have looked on the shelf. And then having the audacity to act surprised when they see the price.”

“Why couldn’t you have looked at the label that was directly under the item you picked up?”


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