The School Of This Girl 14 Banned Her Because She Is Too Big For Uniform

The high school girl was too big to wear a school uniform skirt, so she had to stay at home or sit alone. Even her skirt doesn’t fit the requirements of her school uniform, but the girl returns to school after summer break to start her first semester.
14-year-old Karda Jones chose a skirt that was different from the one suggested by her school because of her size. Kada chose to wear Aldi’s gray 2426 skirt instead of her gray pleated knee-length skirt, showing that she wore it in 2018 with no complaints.

But now this beautiful girl has been released from classes at Portchester Public School in Feraham Hunts. She said if she didn’t meet her school uniform skirt requirements, she would have to stay home or study in isolation.

The principal insisted that Kada’s skirt didn’t comply with school rules, but the 14-year-old girl goes to school on Wednesday and attends two morning classes before being removed from class.

Studying geography, health and wellness, arts, history and GCSE core subjects, Cada wept at the way she was treated at school.
‘I’ve been crying for the past 5 days and honestly I don’t know what I did wrong. People are isolated when they make a mistake, but I was treated like a non-human. All I want is to go to school,” said Kada.

However, Kada’s mother, Carlene Jones, said her daughter is medically healthy and that it was “annoying” that the school changed her mind about Kada’s skirt.
‘Kada never asked a question at the same time in the same math class in 2018. You would understand if she wore something like a punk rocker, but this skirt is very similar to her school uniform,” she added, the 54-year-old.

Principal Richard Caryl added that all students should follow the same rules and that skirts should be made of the right material and made of the right material. However, Portchester Public Schools received good reviews from Ofsted last year. We currently have over 633 students.

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