The wife Builds A Pub for her husband in the back garden so he wouldn’t sneak out for a beer

After getting sick of her husband, Paul Tapper sneaking off to get a beer, one wife Jane decided to take matter in her own hands by building a pub right in the middle of their back garden.

She named the backyard pub ‘The Doghouse Inn’ and plans to host parties there.

She said, “My husband Paul had always loved popping down to pub, and I could never seem to keep him at home.”

“And so I got thinking – why not create my own pub, become my own landlady and then I can really tell people – my husband’s in the doghouse!”

Even their older kids, Tom, 31, Loren, 24, and Jack 26 like the idea since they will be saving money on their own alcohol.

She says that she’s constantly finding new things to put in the pub.

She has made it clear that it’s not a man cave and she spends a lot of her time there now.

It comes complete with a well-stocked bar, a bar sign and all the other goodies you’d find in a regular pub.

The new ‘Doghouse Inn’ wasn’t cheap either. They spent about $20,000 to level out the garden and about $3,500 fo the initial build of the pub.

She used social media for ideas to decorate the pub.

She tried to be thrifty in the decor such as a $100 church pew for the seating area.

She also bought a space invader game.

The attention to detail is incredible.

It comes with things you’d find in any traditional bar such as beer mats and a dart board.

Here  is the Video

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