These 17 Cool Moms Who Should Be The World’s Role Models

How to be a good parent, you asked? Well, everyone is different in their own style. Rockers and painters have different ways of showing their opinions and teaching their kids what is important. But this doesn’t mean there is only one way to become a parent.

These people had no doubt in posting pictures of their parents because they are just proud of them. And we from Greenlemon are also genuinely touched with what these moms do for their kids.

My mom and dad building their house in 1953. My mom (91 now) still lives there.

This mom’s pictures from the 90s often look like she’s in a French romantic comedy or Lana Del Rey’s album cover.

Mom is having doubts about attending a themed corporate party. Seriously, queen?

This mom replied kid’s text of her grades with a picture of her climbing. She wrote, “I see you climbing your mountains.”

Mom saved the day and made her dress looks absolutely fabulous.

Her mother sews and added jewelry on this gorgeous wedding dress by hand. She spent MONTHS making it and wouldn’t have time to clean or cook.

Mom’s on a girls’ trip with friends to New York and they are living the lives.

Mom asked what daughter’s wearing to Beyoncé concert, cause she’ll be wearing the same!

Mom had her ‘Sweet 56’ birthday party in the Philippines and it was amazing.

Mom crocheted this giant Monopoly blanket for her!

Mom made Baby Yoda margaritas. I did not expect this.

Dog needed to pee and it was raining. Mom got creative.

Mom’s wedding pictures looked epic like a soap opera.

Mom made a hat for gecko!

Creative mom in the works.

This badass woman flew helicopters for the Army back in the 80s.

Elon Musk’s mother also knows how to snap crazy pictures.


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