These 22 People Shared Their Progress Impressive Weight Loss In These Pictures

This quarantine, what have you set yourself to work on? Nothing? Don’t feel too ashamed about that because realistically, none of us planned to be cooped up at home for months on end. Some have decided to pick up a new hobby during their extra free time and see where that takes them to. Others go on a weight loss journey as it’s easier to control yourself when you’re not looking at cakes being displayed out there!

These people marked their goals and set themselves to reach it. Some in 4 years, some in 7 months! If you need some inspiration, these people are it.

180lbs – 130lbs = 50lbs. Finally have the courage to post this after working on myself & my weight throughout quarantine.

28 months and 45lbs I’ve been plateaued for about a year, but super motivated to tone up now.

I started losing weight from February 2019. Second picture is from a week or so ago.

Tried on this dress today and remembered the last time I wore it. 70 lbs.

I can do this and anyone can, too!

It’s my 4th year of weight loss journey and I love being in my own skin!

Made a goal 7 months ago and I reached it!

Yes, dreams do come true!

Hard work always pays off.

I made the decision in Disneyland when I want to ‘Let the shenanigans begin’.

You can be whoever you want to be if you want to.

Made the decision to change.

I walked out of my previous life to become who I want to be.

It takes time and effort but the results are insane!

Changing my fat to muscle for 3 years consistently.

I am now 1000 times more confident and happier.

Now, both my legs can fit into one leg of the largest size I’ve ever had.

It was hard 2 years ago to walk for long, but I run 2 miles a day now!

Nothing like watching your weight changes in a year by watching calories and walking.

I struggle with weight my whole life and finally decided to workout 4 times a week with healthy diet to boot. No longer avoiding mirrors!

So much more confident now.

After 11 months of transformation, look how far I’ve come.


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