These 23 Hilarious Pics Show That Dogs Are Way Bigger Than Their Owners

There are two categories of dog owners in today’s world: the small-dog and big-dog owners. Many people will be excited to have a dog that weighs under five pounds, while a few prefer big enough canines that can pull down a car. The parenting of dogs is different, but it’s often said to be more enjoyable with large dogs. The size of your dogs presents unique challenges as well as incredible rewards.

If you have an extra-large dog, this compilation will perhaps ring being true for you. Large dogs do often require more space; hence they won’t flourish in cramped living conditions. While they’re more expensive than some smaller, the sizes tend to depend on their hereditary and health conditions. Besides, large breed dogs, just like all dogs, require training as their strength can disobey you if they chose to. With that said, we’ve compiled photos of playful dogs that are way bigger than their owners. You certainly will wish for a hug all day through their fur. Have a look!

3-Year-Old Girl With A 9-Year-Old Saint Bernard 

Traffic Jam Happened In The Walkways Of An Expo. This Giant Bear Dog Got Pets By Thousands Of People

Big Black Dog Require A Little Help

Let’s Introduce You To The Lapdog – A Mix Of Malamute And American Wolfdog

The Big Dog With His Pooh Friend

Meet Carl, The 150 Pound Lion Hybrid

Your dog’s size doesn’t determine how much exercise it should have as it mostly about weight and, notably, breed. Bigger dogs don’t essentially need a lot of tedious activity, like those who do require walks are working dogs trained to spend a lot of time moving. These dogs include the collies and Australian shepherds, among others. In all, you must help your dogs keep fit to avoid the overweight zone.

Here’s A Naughty Lazy White Giant

Meet Monty, The Big Friendly, And Playful Giant

The Light Brown Big Boy 

The Big House Cow Met With Little House Cow

Meet Yuki, A Rescued Giant Dog 

Big Dogs Can Be Afraid of The Vet Too

Meet Ben, The Dog Who Looks Human-Sized And With A Beard

Food is a crucial part of every dog’s fitness. Apart from focusing on their movements, it’s equally advisable that they get proper dieting and nutrition. Feeding your dogs on a complete diet will keep them at an ideal weight and sound health. Too much food has reportedly resulted in obesity and reduced activity levels.

Once A Lap Dog Will Forever Be A Lap Dog

These Newfies Can Cart Your Christmas Tree For You

Pure Joy And Love Between Neighboring Dogs. A Stool Finally Did The Desired

Massive Doggo Seen On The Underground 

He Might Look Like A Bear, But He’s A Lap Dog 

Bonner, The Newfoundland Often Spotted In Rehabilitation Unit Motivating Patients

Giant dog breeds tend to be family-friendly and are all regarded as excellent protectors and very good with children. Massive dogs provide the advantage of kids climbing all over them. Regardless, they need training so that they can be controlled while identifying appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

Here’s A Big Floof Doggo Looking Like A Walrus

You Can Imagine The Feeling Of The Tiny Kitten? 

Bruce Wayne Is A Huge Snuggly Doggo

85 Lb Dog Is Scared Of Sister – A 1,5 Lb Foster Kitten


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