These 30 Hilariously Rare Insults By People Who Deserve Awards For Their Wit

It takes a lot of creativity to craft unique insults to people. And we’re not talking about simple, mundane, and boring insults. We’re talking about the art of craft from words strung together as if one was to sculpture a figure of rose along with its sharp thorns.

We live in a time where people have more rights to sound their opinions than ever before. With the power of social media, we get to see a ton of gems that are later shared on the ‘Rare Insults‘ subreddit. More than 1.6 million members share the most creative insults and names they found.

If you’re looking forward to insulting in style, you will want to learn from this list. Stay around for more because the trove of unique insults is still full of treasure.

“Kinda reminds me of the time in gym.”

“You know he’s right.”

“On a Facebook post about Lil Pump and Eminem.”

“Nature documentaries are awesome.”

“I’d go to that rehab.”

“Now that’s dedication.”

“King Bezos the Burned.”

“Redder than a tomato.”

Eighteen years, they tweet: I don’t know what to do with life.

“The bisexual group had this gem.”

“I’m never wearing this again.”

“The ring gauntlet.”

“Dude looks bigger than the other pic.”

“They do have a sort of “witchy” look to them.”

“That‘s gotta hurt.”

“A considerable overlap.”

That teacher knows.

Aposematism is to repel people like you.

And that’s a pretty good attempt.

“You anti-vaxx ankle.”

Oh, wait… what?

Imagine getting grossed out about a biologically natural thing.

“Initial rare insult with the meta follow-up.”

“Mrs. Two Red Chevrons.”

“This is the guy who beat Pac-man.”


“Scary movie 2.”

“They do look alike to be fair.”

“That face of regret.”

Not taking that advice.

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