These 40 Photos Of Hardly Seen Things Will Change The Way You See The World

What happens behind the stages of amazing theatrical plays? How do big cities or countries do traffic control and what kind of room is it? Humans are full of curiosities and this is a rare moment to get a glimpse into the world that is rarely seen in our mundane life.

From the inside of a guitar to a CT scanner, keep your minds and eyes open – there is wonder hidden behind the everyday objects that we see and use. There is an amazing engineer, designer, and planner behind all the things made and achieved by human beings.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually empty inside.

Firework shell.

Inside a 9-volt battery is 6 AAA cells (not batteries!).

A bark from cinnamon tree, freshly cut.

How heated floors are designed before the actually flooring is installed.

Behind the bowling alleys.

This is a simulation if a fire happens in an airplane hangar in North End.

Traffic control room in Beijing.

NASA captured this picture of a space shuttle leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

The blood vessels of a human hand.

This is a modern battleship when out of the water.

A human embryo at early development on the tip of a needle.

A fresh tumbleweed before it dies.

This is the ball inside a paint can that we’ve all been wondering about.

A cyclist’s legs after Tour De France. Dehydrated and obviously exhausted.

Inside a bowling ball.

The vault door of a bank that was engineered and constructed in 1800s.

Inside a CT scanner without the covers.

Leica camera lens.

If you cut a mature hedge in half, you’ll how dead inside they are.

After a cornea transplant.

The inside of a guitar.

How brick streets are laid in the Netherlands.

The top of the Everest now littered with trash and human waste.

The skeletons of tortoises.

The blowhole (nose) of a blue whale.

When you flip a lily pad, here’s what the underside looks like.

Artichokes flowers when blooming.

This is how huge power line towers are installed.

It’s a molding cast of Ronald McDonald, not a torture device.

If you zoom into the inside of an air mattress…

Inside the world’s largest container ship.

If you take off the table of a pool table, this what you see.

The inside of a cactus.

Slice a colored toothpaste tube.

This is a wind turbine blade!

Various pearls sliced in half.

Inside of many different golf balls.

This is the inside of a lighthouse with the original Fresnel lens.

Behind the stage of a theater.

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