These 40 Pictures Show That Australia Is The Land Of ‘NOPE’

Australia is an amazing country that is recently an incredible improvement in its infrastructure. Aside from that, tourists and travelers will love to taste the wide variety of cuisine in this country. It’s also a country that is rich in biodiversity thanks to its climate and geographical location.

These creatures are also the reasons that Australia is a rich country but really, how does anyone have a good night rest when they know these creatures lurk around their house?!

Green Lemon has collected 40 things that, if you ever meet, and we pray you to don’t, will be things you’ll never forget for life.

1. This is a native megabat species in Australia called a Grey-headed flying fox.

2. Biggest python in Western Australia called Liasis olivaceus or olive python enjoying a crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni) meal.

3. This lizard who’s so zealous in its house-to-house work.

4. This scary hunstman spider isn’t dangerous and is a good housemate that gets rid of cockroaches.

5. This is Roger Roo from Alice Springs. Kangaroos look muscled in general. Sadly, Roger Roo passed away this year.

6. Can trees kill? Well, Araucaria Pine Cone has been reported to be the death cause of some people as it fell from the trees. It can weigh up to 10kgs.

7. This is Spider Frost located in Rural Victoria, Australia.

8. The carcass of a whale close to blowing up due to gas.

9. This is Nifty the Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) that you can meet in Darwin.

10. An Australia bug that certainly takes space.

11. How to protect your electric meter from naughty hands?

12. Extreme measures have to be taken.

13. These cane toads outsmarted a 3.5m python after a storm swept Kununurra.

14. Discovered in 2013, this big bright red slug (Triboniophorus aff. graeffei) can only be found around a dead volcano in Australia.

15. When you think you’re high and realize that nature is crazier than you can ever think.

16. More snakes.

17. Tricky gas filling.

18. These are processionary caterpillars lining up to find a new food source and place to turn into moths. Why a line? So they look scary.

19. Great! Let’s meet those cute lil babies before they turn into effective killers.

20. Meanwhile, they have giant earthworms in Queensland, Australia.

21. You can die from wearing your shoes.

22. This armed or striped anemone (Dofleinia armata) can be found in Broome, Western Australia. These anemones cause sting injuries that last for months.

23. This tiny and seeming harmless snake from Australia is the world’s second most venomous snake. It’s inside a kid’s lunch box.

24. Once upon a day in a mangrove swamp in Australia…

25. And even more snakes.

26. Snakes: if they fit, they in.

27. This is a Goliath Stick making the bugs family proud.

28. NEVER DO THIS! This is a very venomous blue-ringed octopus. One bite will cause paralysis to your lungs which means you have to be given CPR and be put on a machine to help you breathe for the next 12 to 24 hours until the poison is naturally out of your system.

29. It’s probably a coastal python munching on a giant flying fox. And that dying hand of the bat is definitely not creepy.

30. Imagine having these hailstones falling on your car… or your head.

31. “Hi! 😀 Trick or treat?”

32. Just a spider, minding his own business.

33. This is a termite mound which is equal to a 6.82 miles tall building in human scale. Mounds like this one can be found in northern Australia and they are stronger than cement.

34. No, you’re not high. This tree frog is feasting on a snake.

35. The things you see that can scar you for life.

36. The Ogre-faced spider uses their silk to make a net that they cast to unfortunate passing bugs.

37. These are flies. What the hell happened here?

38. A giant orb-weaver spider. Yes, they are giant!

39. Black Portuguese Millipedes in southwestern Australia crawl out during winter.

40. It’s just a stick bug, yeah. Until you have one sticking on your leg in Australia.


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