These Albino Sisters Became Viral In Kazakhstan With Their Exquisite Looks And Are In High Demand As Models

A pair of siblings have made a sensation in their home country, Kazakhstan. The two sisters have made people question their origin as the two of them were born pale white with yellowish, white hair. That’s right, the siblings are 12 years apart and both born with albino condition.

Kamila is now 2 years old and her elder model sister is 14. Between them is their brother, Aldiyar, who’s 8 and initially confused why he wasn’t born white!

They are children of Aiman Sakitova, 38, and her husband who’s a real Kazakh. Her white skin almost caused suspicions that she has a Russian father, but it turns out to be her lack of pigmentation.

Asel’s unique looks had her easily started modelling when she was 10. After Kamila’s arrival, more people became more interested in her, her sister and the family. She now has more than 23,800 followers on Instagram.

Aiman Sarkitova spoke of when she first had Asel, “The doctors were shocked and thought that she was Russian. Then I started reading about this matter, I have learned that my children are albinos.”

She continued, “At the very beginning everyone was shocked, surprised. I did not know what to do myself, how to live.” She learned that among her ancestors, there were albinos and the gene may have been laying passive in her.

Meanwhile, Asel shared, “If I go outside in the afternoon, then I definitely apply sunscreen, put on clothes to protect my skin, headgear or use an umbrella. In the evening, when there is almost no sun, it’s much easier for me.”

The two of them were also born with eye problems and Asel is now wearing glasses. She was also temporarily enrolled in a special school and later transferred to a regular one and she was studying as a normal student would.

She also shared that it was difficult for Asel in the beginning because other kids were staring at her. But she’s not comfortable with herself and her family ‘do not limit her to anything’.

Their brother hilariously asked why was he not born white like her sisters. He had the same dark skin as his father, like a native Kazakh. He told his mom, ‘Mum, why are they like that? Why am I not like them, not like my sisters?”

But one he realizes that it’s his sisters who are unique, he began bragging to others how they are his sisters.

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