These Are 20 Age Gap Couples That Show Love Despite The Big Difference

People don’t usually imagine themselves ending up with someone who’s decades older than them. But as life goes by, these people find their soulmates in people whose age range is beyond their peers. Love is in the air, and they could genuinely say that age is just a number.

An old soul, a youthful mind, your other half that knows how to finish your sentences… Age was not the barrier that stopped them. The one for you might just be someone outside your typical ideal range. Or maybe they’re not even born yet!

“We’re getting married (F21) (M55).”

“We’ve been married for a year now and just had our first baby. 54m and 28f.”

“27 F & 51 M, super happy.”

“I (41F) would call him (26M) the man of my dreams, but the truth is I never could have dreamed of such an exceptional person. I am truly fortunate and honored to be his wife.”

“My love (21) and I (43) camping.”

“Married my (31F) best friend (24M).”

“35/61. I adore him.”

“I (24F) met him (41M) at my bar. When I said, “You look like trouble, what do you want?” He laughed and said, “You.” I’ve clearly been a pain in his butt ever since and always will be!”

“I love my silver Bronco! I’m 35, and he’s 52, we’ve been together happily for five years, and tomorrow we move into our first place that’s just the two of us!”

“I’m (M)29, and my girlfriend(F) is 41, 12 years apart, but it doesn’t matter. She’s my best friend and the love of my life.”

I (30F) celebrated 10 years with my husband and soulmate (54M) this year. When you know, you know. Our first pic and the last pic we took.

“My [22F] boyfriend [40M] and I. Simply happy!”

“Me (M28) and my girlfriend (F42). Absolutely love this woman! So lucky!”

“Two-year wedding anniversary. 43 F and 25 M.”

“M(53), F(24) with a one-year-old child. Who would have thought?”

“A few photos from my (28F) husband (46M) and my maternity photoshoot.”

“We eloped! 32 F and 56 M.”

“Just celebrated our 1-year anniversary, 23M and 34F. Close on our house next month!”

“I (28f) am just beyond happy with my (45m) boyfriend. Just moved in together & have been dating 1 1/2 years.”

“My partner (47) and I (25) took a trip to Vegas for my birthday. I’m the happiest when I’m with him.”

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