These Are Some Important Tips To Stay Safe Shared By This Teen Girl

Spencer Barbosa, an 18-year-old teenage girl from Ontario, Canada, is a TikTok user known for her outspoken and outgoing personality. She often shares tips and comments on women’s safety on TikTok, and many will ride her word of mouth when they receive her important notes!

She has garnered over 4 million views on her single video and has made several. Keep scrolling to see her tips!

“I recommend leaving your car keys on the bedside table instead. If something happens at night, take out the car key and press the panic button, and the car alarm will go off,” he added.

Spencer told a follower in his first video last October:

She has done this more than once and in another video she teaches people how to safely walk or live alone.

“If you are a woman and live alone or in a group of women living together, go to a thrift store and buy a large, massive pair of visibly dirty and worn work shoes and leave them outside. your front door. ”
And at worst, don’t worry about being kind to your attackers. Bite them and bring out your inner demon. Piss,” Spencer said. Basically, you don’t want to act like you’re obsessed. Don’t give them an easy moment to attract you.

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