These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Things That Used To Be Normal In The Past

It’s always great to see a kid do Oldman things, but things have been a bit different in the past. Our ancestors did many unusual things that were strange or out of this world. These are some of the shocking things that were considered normal in the past.

Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine was not treated as harmful hundred years back and was readily available in drugstores without a prescription to heal coughs and toothache.

Sending Kids through Mail

At the beginning of the 20th century, Americans used to send their kids through the mail lawfully which cost around 15 cents if the kid weighed more than the standard parcel.

Outdoor Baby Cages

Such creepy constructions around the 1930’s allowed American kids to breathe fresh air allowing the mothers to carry on with the household tasks.

Garden Hermit

Back in the 18th century, rich people used to have a personal hermit living in their garden in a handmade grotto.

Double Treatment Methods

Doctors of the past used strange methods like bloodletting as a remedy for diseases, tongue cutting against stammering, lobotomy and electric shock treatment.

Radioactive Toys

Radiation that we consider as harmful for us today was treated as a safe thing in the 1950s. The atomic toys in the form of mini-laboratories in the photo were easily available.

Human Zoos

That’s the picture from a Belgian human zoo that existed in 1958. Such kind of human zoos or shameful entertainments were aimed to show the people from Asia and Africa , the proof of Darwin’s theory and existed for many years.

“Amusement excursions” to mental hospitals

The psychiatric hospitals used to treat their patients horribly in the past. Even though the family used to pay for patients accommodation, they were rarely given food by the staff. This was not all and the asylum owners made it a business of allowing visitors to look those people and poke them for money.

Body Parts Collection

People in the past considered collecting human body parts a hobby which we would consider as an insane habit. The soldiers even used to take enemies skull to their homes.

Smoking during Pregnancy

“Smoking is injurious to health” comes as an advisory for all but 70 years before, even pregnant patients were advised by American doctors to smoke to get rid of constipation.

If you find any such unbelievable and strange action of the past then share with us in the comments.

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