These are the 15 Ladies who ditched beauty stereotypes, and it made us scream “you go girl”

Beauty standards change and everyone has different tastes. But women honestly shouldn’t feel pressured to change, they shouldn’t be forced to change their appearance as society accepts and wants them to. Studies have shown that lately, most of the girls who post photos on social networks in more than 90% of cases use multiple filters to look more beautiful.
We bring you 15 women who dare to share their photos to show other women that they don’t need to change their beauty standards but to be themselves.

1. “The fact that my hair is gray, there is absolutely nothing bad with it.”

2. “Many will agree that it is absurd how society has accepted that people have lots of hair on their head, but that they should not have it on other parts of their body.”

3. It’s really cool that some people have so much humor and they take on glamorous celebrity photos in their own way.

4. Everyone can and is allowed to wear a bikini.

5. There’s no need to be ashamed, having facial hair is a perfectly normal thing.

6. This beautiful girl has given up Western beauty standards and is wearing her natural hair for the first time.

7. “All my life I hated what my body looked like, but I accepted it, and I realized that on the statues of Ancient Greek women they looked like this and that I had nothing to be ashamed of.”

8. “I was embarrassed to post this photo because it shows unflattering parts of my body, but now I’m finally happy to post it.”

9. “I finally got free and got the inspiration to take a selfie and show my true height without shame.”

10. “All my life, my hair was like in the photo on the left, but I finally got inspired and woke up that curly girl in me.”

11. “Here I am for the first time in a bikini in public.”

12. “My husband is shorter and thinner than me, but it’s never been a problem for him, and I’m glad for that, everyone should accept it as he does.”

13. “I don’t mind my tiger stripes, and I’m glad I have them because I got them when I got you.”

14. “Having pores is not a flaw, it’s the same when you look at a lemon, imagine it without its dimples.”

15. “They told me not to wear big glasses because they emphasize my nose, I wasn’t interested in other people’s opinion and I bought the biggest ones I found.”

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