These Are The 19 Celebrities Who Met And Then Married To Their Fans

Can you imagine meeting your favorite actor/actress or singer in person? It just seems like a complete dream, but let’s take it a step further: imagine you could get to know them and even marry them?! Seems impossible? But these 19 celebrities actually married someone who was a fan of their work before they met.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon. They married in 2008 for six years. While their marriage has ended, Nick was still a big admirer of her.

Matt Damon & Luciana Bozan Barroso. he was shooting for ‘Stuck on You’ in Miami and met her when he stopped by a bar.

Jerry Seinfeld & Jessica Seinfeld. The two met at a gym when Jessica was still married to her first husband.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes. A friend of Katie recalls that she would pray for Tom Cruise when in religion class.

Danny Bonaduce & Amy Railsback. They met at a coffee shop in 2007 and Amy was a fan of ‘Breaking Bonaduce’ by then.

Conan O’Brien & Liza Powel. They first met when his producer wife met him to talk about his late-night show.

Matthew Lewis & Angela Jones. They met in 2018 at Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orland, Florida where lifestyle blogger Angela was working as an event planner.

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth. Jim scouted her while his friend was hitting on her and they got married in 2011.

Patrick Dempsey & Jillian Dempsey. His fan-wife Jillian is a hairstylist and he met her at her salon.

Elvis Presley & Priscilla Presley. She was just 14 and your typical obsessed teen girl at the idol of her time.

Julia Roberts & Danny Moder. Danny is a cinematographer as well as a fan of her work in ‘The Mexican’.

Adam Sandler & Jackie Titone. Jackie has loved Adam’s work way before his name became big.

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh. Kayte’s father is a huge fan of ‘Cheers’ as well as ‘Frasier’ which was how she knew him well.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston. Kelly was already a fan of Travolta from his work in ‘Grease’ and loved him since then.

Steve Harvey & Marjorie. Marjorie attended Steve’s stand-up performance in Memphis and that’s how they met.

Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth is a huge fan of Coldplay before he met Chris. They met backstage but have divorced since 2016.

Christian Bale & Sibi Blažić. She was an assistant for Winona Ryder when they first met.

Ringo Starr & Maureen Cox. Ringo’s ex-wife Maureen was a fan of ‘The Beatles’, in particular, the drummer.

Ruben Studdard & Surata Zuri McCants. They met at a Wal-Mart where he was signing CDs in 2006 for the first time.


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