These Are The 25 People Who Signed The NDA And Could Finally Reveal The Secrets

In order to protect a company’s secrets, its employees are often required to sign an NDA. Once signed, you will be held liable should you leak those secrets to people, no matter how unethical the business practices are. Companies and individuals with money will often win against you even when things are brought to court.

Below are answers from people who are finally no more tied to NDAs and replied to the question ‘What couldn’t you tell us but now can?’ on Reddit. As shocking as these are, that’s how it is with this world.


“I was in the first test screening audience for ‘John Wick 3’ (and I think the NDA has expired since the movie is now out). The visual effects were still unfinished (and several scenes had just placeholder cards that described what occurred in the missing scene). It was really interesting being able to see the animal handlers running along with the animals, wearing full-body black spandex suits before they were digitally deleted from the final film.

I thought it was really interesting and it’s just not something you’d think about being there.” – TheFoxAndTheRaven


“A small-business owner for whom I worked several years ago kept deducting the employees’ health insurance premiums but never sent the payments into the carrier. After 2-3 months of this, our insurance was canceled, right before one lady’s teenage son was in a fairly serious car accident. She finds out at the emergency room, during what is of course an extremely stressful time, that she has no insurance whatsoever when she and her dependents had been fully covered.

The next day she went into his office, very upset, to find out what happened. He gave his usual song-and-dance and made excuses for not having been able to send it in, and this normally mild-mannered lady picked up a stapler and threw it at him! (He wasn’t even injured.) While doing that was of course unacceptable, I totally understood her frustration with this weasel. He spent thousands of dollars a month of company money (coding it to company expenses) at Sam’s Club on groceries and big-ticket items for his house. On top of his already generous salary.

Then to top it all off, he actually TOOK HER TO COURT for the stapler-throwing incident. After hearing the story, the judge dismissed the weasel’s case and made a comment to the effect that if he were in the same position as her, he probably would’ve done the same thing.” – crazykitty123

Sony got hacked over that North Korean movie because of a 5-year-old account they didn’t delete or monitor from an ex-employee. Unknown


“A huge part of ‘The Bachelorette’ was scripted. The company I worked for at the time was a major tourism service provider and featured prominently in one of the seasons. We were all pulled into meetings with the higher-up managers, given a speel about what was in our best interest… and spilling any secrets was punishable by a $5mil lawsuit, “Please sign here.”

I gave 0 f**ks about the show at the time… still don’t. Just wanted to do my job.

The “Bachelorette” herself was clearly there to further her public profile or “acting” career. The scenes were always “set up” before filming. Behind the camera, nothing was happening. The cast was told where to go, what to do and how to do it. If half those guys weren’t on their phones texting their real girlfriends most of the time, I would be surprised.

So fake… so 100% fake.” – FlyAdesk


“I used to work at Frisch’s as a hostess/busser/drive-thru attendant, that place was filthy and corrupt as f**k. No one in the kitchen wore gloves and the cooks loved making people eat old food/food that had been dropped on the disgusting floors. The manager loved to steal the waitresses tips and blame the customers or the sketchy looking bussers. The most corrupt thing the awful manager did while I was there was around Christmas time. He would take $100 out of each of the new/younger employees cash drawer, call your parents saying that their kid stole the money and they needed to be brought in to be questioned. When I went to work the next day I found out the same sh** happened to a few of the others, we all got pissed and snagged the key that locked the box to the camera controls, re-winded to the following day and watched until we saw the f**ker start doing his thing. Every single one of us reported his *ss. He got insta-fired. It was glorious.” – BrittneyRageFace


“Most American Idol contestants have agents that got them on the show, and 90-95% of it is pre-cast before the ‘audition tour.’” – brenton07


“I was an extra on Murder on The Orient Express, for the Istanbul scene (over a week of filming, and it’s literally about 20 seconds of the film). Michelle Pfeiffer had to be fed her line reading on each line by Kenneth Branagh, which I thought was weird. Like every line, she’d be like ‘how do you want me to say this?’

And then at one point Johnny Depp snuck onto set the day before he was due to film with a baby doll’s head in his hand and snuck up behind the car Michelle Pfeiffer was in to try and scare her with it. Weird dude.” – ZeldaZanders


“I work tech conferences so I have to sign (agree to) NDA’s all the time. I saw the Google Chromecast before the public did, chrome books, phones, Apple phones, MacBooks, Nvidia shield, even some games like Call of Duty, Titanfall, and have sat in some meetings with the worlds richest .01% or fundraisers with celebrities.

Most of the time it’s boring. The best one I can remember was meeting Robin Williams, he was at a fundraiser for the local zoo, the biggest donor got to spend the day with just Robin in the zoo, and name their new baby Tiger. So I mic up Robin, he jumps up on stage and says let’s start the bidding on naming the new baby Tiger, come on folks think about it, how many times do you get to officially name a pussy!? If I remember correctly the highest bidder got into a bidding war, Robin is running around getting the crowd pumped up and laughing their a**es off as only Robin could do and the highest bid ended around $50,000.

It was one of the most memorable and fun things I’ve ever got to do at an event was work with magnificent man.” – SoulMechanic


“When I was a kid, I visited the dentist for a cavity. While there, the dentist slipped while drilling my tooth and drilled a hole under my tongue. My mom saw me tense up, and my dentist said “Oh, nicked her there a bit so you might see a little blood.” I got home and after an hour, my entire neck was swollen up like a frog and my voice was squeaky because of the air pressure. A pocket of air was pressing against my heart… dirty air, at that, because of the bacteria in my mouth. I was admitted to the hospital as a “code 4,” with a “code 5” being dead. When my mom tried to sue the dentist for damages, he claimed I was kicking and screaming and “out of control” during the appt, even getting his secretary to vouch for him and testify. (Total BS… I liked the dentist, and I was a people pleaser. Also, laughing gas). My mom’s lawyer was super pessimistic and told her just to settle and sign an NDA because she had a “small chance” of winning. So my mom settled, being naive and scared to take on an office full of liars. She could never disclose who the dentist was, and we’ve heard other horror stories throughout the years about this dentist effing up other people’s mouths. It sucks because every lawyer we’ve talked to after-the-fact says we had a very strong case and it’s likely we would have won. Like really won.” – s1ng1ngsqu1rrel


“’House Hunters’ guest checking in, I never made the show because I didn’t close on the house.
1: I had to have a house under contract before going on the show.
2: They would select the other houses we were “interested” in.
3: I was assigned another SO who was more “interesting” than my actual SO.” – delicious_tomato


“That we can see you, I look after instant photobooths remotely, I see all your stupid faces, all of them, every day.” – MrWigglemunch


“The fajitas sizzle because we pour oil and water on a hot plate not because we grilled anything.” – THE_CHOPPA


“I was actually an actor in that commercial that said I wasn’t.” – VivaSpiderJerusalem


“I worked for a popular national pet store chain. We told our customers that we got our puppies from ‘reputable breeders and not puppy mills.’ We got them from puppy mills, and I can’t express how many came in on the back of a large, pitch dark freight truck, malnourished, scared, and sick.

We also adopted the cute kittens from the local sheltered and charged customers outrageous amounts of money. Most of whom just felt bad for the kittens. Don’t support national chain pet stores that sell puppies that do not come from local shelter folks. If you want a dog or cat, then please adopt!” – 1ilypad


“I was a model for a few big-name/well-known makeup companies. I did several print ads for magazines and a few television commercials.

The makeup artists do use the product advertised, but MINIMALLY. Like that mascara, they’re touting? It’s over REALLY GOOD fake eyelashes and they also used another brand of mascara along with the one they’re trying to sell you.

Also – the clothes in the ads you see are pinned too high heaven on the model. They fit nothing as they look. It’s not you. It’s not your body. It’s fake advertising. Most of us models look just like you wearing that crap without all the pins and tucks and double-sided tape.” – Bella54330


“A government, in 1972, identified a terrorist by his wife’s breasts. From satellite images.” – points_of_perception


“Worked for a self-storage place in Rocklin, CA. They made every customer sign a “lease agreement” that said that you wouldn’t hold them responsible if your unit was broken into and things were stolen. I found out that we had 7-8 burglaries a year. The owners would get sued but they would always get off because they’d produce the “lease agreement” in court and the judge would dismiss the case.

One day I came in from vacation to pick up my paycheck, and I found the owner and the manager loading up a truck with the contents from a unit that wasn’t theirs. I went around the corner to an area where the fence allowed me to look in and saw that they went to another storage space, cut off the lock, and proceeded to load up the truck with a telescope, big screen tv, and some power tools. I came back the next day and asked one of my co-workers. He told me that the owners of the storage space would sell the stuff they stole from renters and that the manager and owner did the same thing with another property that they owned in Granite Bay. I quit to go back to Sac State. I called the Rocklin cops to tell them what the owners were doing, and they said that there was nothing they could do unless they were caught in the act.” – guido_pilot


“I did some research on small-scale agriculture in South Appalachia. As part of living with and studying the community I stayed with, I was sworn to secrecy for five years after submitting my research to the happenings and names of those I lived with.

I saw arson of federal property and impersonating officers of the law and clergy. Grand theft auto, meth-cooking, and moonshining. Cockfights, kids getting coerced into prostitution, dogs getting shot full of rock salt for laughs. I had to sleep in a junkyard for a few nights and found dried human scalps hanging in an old bus, ate rotting meat from a dumpster, and had to hide for my life from shotgun-wielding thieves in the dead of winter.

It’s not all horror shows in the hills; there are good people, tightly knit communities, and beauty in nature I’ve never seen since. But what’s there is very much real and very much a danger. When I finally returned, I submitted my write-up and dropped the project at the advisement of my sponsor, delivered over a bottle of mezcal.” – Sticky_Paw


“My boss refuses to hire anybody but white women, and he uses rubbing alcohol to wipe the expiration date off of product if it expires. He just puts it back on the shelf. Including dairy products. I hate him.” – lessadessa


“I work in designer clothing retail. The clothes are quite expensive and the assistants are required to only wear full-priced garments. So we (the whole team) just pick clothes off the rack, wear them all day (including lunch and bathroom breaks), and at the end of the shift, replace the tags and put the clothes back on the shelf for the customers to buy at full price. I know I was grossed out my first day there.” – Liquid_Sky


“Signed an NDA when I worked as a fit model for Katy Perry’s shoe line. Basically, a fit model is used for their good proportions to test out the fit of garments. I’m a solid size 7.5 so hooray for being average. I was hired on two occasions and got to hang out and give her my opinion on the fit, feeling, and comfort of different shoes.

Didn’t think she’d actually be there but both times she was present and totally running the show. Super nice woman in person and remembered me when we met again. Also, she apologized for making me wait so long which I thought was nice (it was a late-night meeting as she’d just wrapped shooting a music video). Her dog is really cute too and I got to save it when it got stuck behind a wall panel.” – okbyeokbyeokbye


“I worked at Dairy Queen, the collection box supporting children with cancer hanging out the drive-thru window was a discontinued charity, my manager pocketed all the donations. Disgusting in a different sense.” – ChiefQueefer


“Common knowledge now, but in the early 2000s, Hewlett Packard would have their inkjet printer cartridges turn off even though they weren’t empty.

Each cartridge was put in a machine and a memory chip glued to it. The machine would make all the nozzles ‘spit’ on a piece of paper, a camera would look at it and then correction parameters would be programmed into it (some nozzles don’t work, spit too little or too much, spit off to the side, etc.) The correction parameters were read off the chip and the printer would adjust the voltage and timing for the highest quality print. It was also trivially easy to write ‘disable’ to the chip after 4,000 pages and it wouldn’t work in any HP printer. To ensure high print quality yadda yadda yeah right. And of course, only ‘genuine’ HP cartridges will work in the printer.

Got taken to court and lost which is why you can now buy much cheaper cartridges on eBay. But if you buy a used printer from the right years it still won’t work with cheap ones. As long as I’m here, here is my HP ‘joke’:

1. Start with a $55 billion-dollar company.
2. CEO and cronies get pushed out with golden parachutes because their giant acquisition of another company turned to shit.
3. New CEO and cronies start another giant acquisition.
4. 18 months later CEO and cronies get pushed out with golden parachutes because their giant acquisition of another company turned to shit.
5. Start with a $50 billion-dollar company.” – ConspTheorList


“I was a translator (contractor) for the US military. I also translated Marvel comic books. Marvel had tighter security.” – NPC_forsale


“A friend of mine got a job at a prominent local distillery that makes an extremely popular flavored whisky. They literally buy whisky from a 3rd party distillery and dump Torani flavoring syrup into it.” – bobethy


“R Kelly’s lawyer was on his death bed and told reporters R Kelly is “guilty as hell” regarding his child pornography case. The NDA was still valid but he was given a short time to live and I guess as a lawyer, you need get this stuff off your chest.” – SlattBaker


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