These Are The Dumbest 30 Things Which Men Have Said About Women And Their Bodies

Some men refuse to talk to actual women and girls before they spout some things. A society that is built on patriarchy has such a skewed mindset about women’s roles. They imagine them to be this different species that only experts in housework, and if they have blue hair, they’re “warning off predators.”

We’ve shared the most ridiculous memes and claims by men from the ‘Not How Girls Work‘ subreddit. What were they fed with as a baby? Did they grow up around radioactive materials? How is it so hard to perceive that women are not that different and there’s Google to find out about the things you don’t know about?

And to further infuriate you, here are some things women have to put up with. But they really shouldn’t have to.

How about let women wear what they feel comfortable in?

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Women with bright, unnatural hair colors.

The legacy and heritage of the west.

No more blaming them for what they wore.


Where was this man when school was open?

Control your cycles, women.

Never, it’s never comfortable.

Is this why you’re single?

Please, go outside.

Who taught these men?!

Wh- huh?

Right, so only men can go to the bar.

This gotta be satire.

How do tattoos and piercings define someone’s lifestyle?

How about… no?

Chill, that’s just red dye.

Very weird man.

And says who they were doing it for the men?

Patriarchy needs to go.


What kind of Sci-fi crap is this?!

So you can’t handle their high standards?

This is why you need to talk to actual women, not learn from erotica books.

That is not how metabolism works.

An old cartoon.

Grandma’s PC, maybe.

How could you spend so much time making this but not communicating with actual women?


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