These Are The Interesting Things About Life In Greece That Are Weird To Outsiders

How is the life of people in other countries? It’s certainly fascinating to learn about culture and how people grow and see and experience something different from us. Japanese have sushi and cherry blossoms, Canadians have maple syrup, but what about Greeks?

As you may have heard about Zeus and Hades, Greek is more than just a land of the past. You can learn 15 more interesting things about Greek than mythology. And here are 18 interesting things about life in Sweden!

1. Kids are important.

2. Greeks are not lazy, they just feel like “sigá-sigá.”

3. Kissing is part of their culture.

4. Women rarely take their husband’s name after marriage.

5. Both citizens and foreigners are allowed free medical help.

6. Divorce is rare.

7. They enjoy siesta or “mesimeri”.

8. It is the most seismic region in Europe.

9. They call it a village salad.

10. Greeks’ fast food.


11. Greeks are emotional.

12. Apartments aren’t expensive to rent.

13. People love soccer!

14. Greeks also enjoy going to cafes.


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