These High School Sweethearts Are Married for 80 Years And Celebrate 100th Birthday Together

Imagine finding that someone you can spend the rest of your life with. Sounds like a special thing, right? Now, imagine being able to live with that person until you reach the age of 100. That’s definitely a blessing.

A couple from Savannah, Georgia has been blessed with love and good health.

Born just four days apart in 1920, Billy and Nellie attended the same high school. There, they fell in love with each other and became high school sweethearts.

Billie fondly recalled the first time he saw his wife:

“She was practicing for a play at Savannah High School on Washington Avenue. A friend of mine waved at her and spoke to her. I said, ‘who is that?’ He said, ‘That’s Nellie. She’s in my class, would you like to meet her?’ He turned the car around, took me back, and introduced me to Nellie.”

Since then, they’ve been inseparable.

They’ve spent the last 80 years together. They’ve gone through the highs and lows of life and chose to stick with each other. Even today, they are still clearly in love with each other.

The couple built a really beautiful family.

The have three wonderful sons and six grandchildren. They also have nine great-grandchildren.

Billy and Nellie are so loved by their family.

When they realized that the two were turning 100, they knew they had to make the day extra special. However, with the pandemic, planning a memorable party became a bit challenging. The family had to make sure that everyone observed social distancing guidelines.

They made it work!

Billy and Nellie didn’t just celebrate their 100th birthday together over dinner. The family gave them their very own parade.

They placed lawn chairs in the front yard of their house. From there, the couple was able to enjoy a parade of golf carts, bikes, and cars. There were lots of balloons and a huge “Happy 100th Birthday Billy & Nellie” sign for the two.

Nellie was extra beautiful that day. She wore a special birthday sash and a gorgeous smile. Billy, on the other hand, had a special hat. On it was a sign of their milestone birthday.

The couple was extremely happy that day.

Even though the party wasn’t grand and not everyone they know were there, the pair was clearly touched by their family’s gesture.

Nellie shared:

“Very, very loved, for somebody to do all this work for us. I’m speechless, too, not speechless that they love me, but that somebody would go through all this trouble.”

Billy and Nellie have lessons to share with everyone.

Billy shared:

“All I know is work hard, whoever you’re working for as an employee. And go to church.”
Nellie’s piece of advice is simple but meaningful.

“Love the Lord,” she said.
The couple proves that true love exist.

For those who are struggling to meet their 1 year or 5 year anniversary, Billy and Nellie offer hope. Their story shows that with commitment, it’s possible for a couple to stay in love for a long time. It’s also possible for two people to feel as excited as they were when they first met each other.

In Billy’s words:

“The same girl as a teenager in high school and marrying and staying with her for 79 years, can’t beat that.”
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