These Identical Twin Sisters Dating Identical Twin Brothers And Move In Together

A pair of identical twin sisters dating identical twin brothers have revealed that they won’t be having a double wedding or joint proposal despite going on most of their dates as a foursome. After just three months of meeting, the quad who started the affair during the pandemic moved in together.

Venessa and Kerissa, 25, from Medford, Oregon, met brothers Lucas and Jacob, 29, in June of 2020.

Brother Lucas and Jacob Sealby, 29, met with Vanessa and Kerissa D’Arpino of Medford, Oregon, in June of 2020, and instantly the quads hit it off. Things are now quite serious as they see wedding bells in the nearest future. Although, Lucas has insisted that their wedding will be a separate affair.

The couples are college sprinters who work in athletic fields, and they immediately hit it off after their met.

The couples who regularly share their lives on Instagram have since dubbed their meeting a divine intervention. Neither of the twins had lived in Medford before the pandemic, but the brothers accepted new jobs there, and the sisters moved home to their parents. During this time, Vanessa’s client set them up, and upon their first double date, they spent hours talking.

Three months into dating, the couples moved into a shared apartment while keeping the best friend goals.

The quad had a lot in common! The Sealby were both sprinters at Washington State, and now both work in Sports medicine while the D’Arpino were sprinters at the University of Oregon, and now both work as personal trainers. In an interview with KVAL, Jacob said: “I can believe in coincidences, but I don’t know if I can believe in that many happening in a row. There’s too much that happened in sequence at the exact time for me to think that.”

While they mostly go on double dates, the quad has insisted they have alone time from each other.

At the moment, the quads are renting an apartment as a foursome. Vanessa added: “We’re not letting go of this. When we’re all four together, people don’t ask. They just kind of stare at us. And we’re like, ‘Yes, we’re twins.’ They’re like, ‘Oh ok, I thought so. That’s so random, and out the odds, I didn’t want to ask.” Lucas stated that they sometimes get alone time.

They’ve promised themselves not to have a joint proposal or a double wedding. It’ll be a separate event.

He equally noted that when he and his brother eventually propose, it won’t be at the same time. Previously, the two sets of twins had told Carters how shocking it was that they’d found each other. Karissa had said: “it was exciting when we all got together on our very first date. They say when you know, you know. We had feelings straight away and fell in love very quickly. The more we talked, the more we connected, and it just felt meant to be.”

The foursome often get stares from strangers, but their love life always enamors many.

Wedding bells signals, but both girls agreed it was something they very much wanted later.

Despite what people think, Vanessa claimed there had been no concern of mistaken identities. On the other hand, Kerissa admitted that people do appear to wish they would have a double wedding one day, but it isn’t something they want at this time. However, the quad remains best friends and gets along so well, and now that they live together, they are even closer than ever.


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