These Side-By-Side Photos Show The Changes Kardashians Gone Through For The Past Decade

The Kardashians is a family known for their incredibly devilish-sexy looks. And one thing for sure is they are constantly changing to become even sexier. These side-by-side pictures show some true changes these celebrities and supermodels have gone through for the past decade.

We are taking pictures from 2009 and 2019 to find the changes inside The Kardashians family.

Kim Kardashian

Kim had two marriages and from those marriages, she has a total of four kids. As for her business deals, she’s signed a number of them and has even been invited to the White House. She also has a pending law degree and this decade may be her busiest, yet.

Khloé Kardashian

She broke up with Lamar Odom and got together with Tristan Thompson. Through all those dramas, though, there is definitely one beautiful thing that happened this decade and that is her daughter, True. Aside from that, she also fought against weight and went on a diet to stave off haters that kept calling her the f-word.

Kourtney Kardashian

She is no more with Scott Disick, but the two had become quite the partners in parenting her three kids. She’s also begun stepping out of the spotlights, reducing her time being exposed in public as a celebrity.

Kylie Jenner

Look at that emo girl – she’s definitely upgraded and is showing more of her gorgeous face. Add to that, her cute daughter Stormi in the 2010s and a billion more dollars into her assets. What a wonderful decade!

Kendall Jenner

Those braces have done their job and she began focusing on her career as a model. She’s now one of the biggest supermodels, a close friend of Gigi Hadid, another world-class supermodel, and has possibly the best glow-up of all.

Kris Jenner

She was an amazing momager even back then. She’s become an even more wonderful momager.

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