Things Your Mom Never Told You

Things Your Mom Never Told You …Number 15 Is Beautiful

Parenthood is one of the most rewarding, yet most frustrating jobs in the world. While we try to always tell our children we love them, as they get older it is harder to convey that message. Never the less here is a list of things that we are sure your Mom has thought throughout your life time, even if she hasn’t been able to say it out loud.

You can never really put into words just how much your child means to you but with a simple I LOVE YOU she can mean all these things and more!

  1. She loves you more than herself
  2. Every time you are upset, it breaks her heart
  3. She was and still is afraid a lot of the time
  4. She watched you while you slept
  5. She knows she is flawed and isn’t perfect, even though she tries her best
  6. She forgave you every single time you screamed “I Hate You”
  7. She never knew what she was going to do when she got to 3 after threatening to count to
  1. She will always forgive you and loves you no matter what
  2. She sometimes had to say no, even though she wanted just to make you smile
  3. You made her cry… a lot
  4. She always put you first
  5. She wanted that last piece of cake.
  6. She cried when she dropped you off at the preschool/school/high school/college
  7. Everything you do makes her so proud
  8. She always see’s you as her little baby, no matter how old you are
  9. You make her life meaningful
  10. She thinks you are one in a million
  11. You are the best thing that has ever happened to her
  1. She wouldn’t change you for the world
  2. She would do it all again in a heartbeat!

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