This 12-Year-Old Led Her Own Family Home Redecorates For Merely $125

Your kid is bored at home? Who knows, let her try help around the house during this lockdown. A lot of people drown themselves in DIY projects for home improvement since they’re spending a lot of time indoor for the next few weeks if not months.

A mother from Kent, UK, has some impressive home improvement results to share.

What shocked a lot of people was the fact that it was her 12-year-old daughter, Bea, who mostly suggested and even worked on the ideas herself!

Against what most people would believe, this young girl actually showed interest in woodworking and home decor. What began as a lesson for her who complained about getting bored backfired into DIY projects as she continued outliving her mother’s expectations.

The mismatched black-pink scheme was daughter’s idea since they couldn’t find an open shop for materials.

Bea, like every other kid, was unsure of herself.

With the right guidance and enough motivation, she was soon enough working by herself. Her own mother is an avid DIY lover and gives a lot of great inputs which helps in saving up by reusing materials as efficiently as possible.

They’ve spent more than a week with repainting and giving new additions to the rooms in their home. And they’re not even done yet!

Letting your kids get dirty and help around might change your boring lockdown time!

Check out all the amazing results that really show the aesthetics value this little girl has!

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