This Artist Draws 10 ‘The Choice’ Comics That Compare Life With And Without A Dog

Our life is filled with choices. Artist Ademar Vieira titled his comic ‘The Choice’ where a man gets to choose if he wants to keep a dog or not. Like an alternate universe, he compares how life differs from what seems like a small choice like keeping a pet or living alone.





Ademar Vieira is a Brazilian artist who initially started as a screenwriter. He’s used to writing stories, and it helps him create touching comics when he started as an illustrator. He has drawn many comics before, and ‘The Choice’ is one of them.

The artist, who’s also a journalist, explains, “Every time we make a choice, we leave one timeline aside and enter another.”

“So, this comic strip is called “The Choice,” and you decide which timeline was chosen.”

“This strip I dedicate to all the animals that contribute to our mental health during the quarantine,” he added.







When talking about his viral work, Ademar explained that it was beyond his imagination to see his comic go viral. It was liked more than 100,000 times, and he gained almost double of his followers in a week. He receives congratulatory messages from so many verified and famous accounts, and together with that achievement comes responsibility.

This isn’t the only beautiful comic Ademar draws – you’ll find yourself swimming in your tears once you head over to his Instagram account!


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