This Artist Recreates Disney, Barbie And Other Dresses, And She’s Becoming An Internet Hit (20 Pics)

A lot of people have dreamed of being a Disney princess for a day, or having a fabulous life like Barbie, but most are content for it to stay a dream. But not all of them. A cosplay artist that goes by the name of Valentine Moon on her social media worked hard for countless hours to wear fabulous dresses worthy of a princess. She takes her sewing hobby seriously, and it takes a lot of time and effort for her to create dresses and gowns that match those of her childhood heroes from Disney, the Barbie universe, and other movies and cartoons. But it was all worth it in the end, and millions of people enjoy her material on TikTok and Instagram.


“I have always loved sewing, but I only really started making princess dresses at the beginning of lockdown 1 year and half ago, which is when I made my TikTok account. This is what led me to my decision to look at costume design, and I have always loved Disney, so it seemed like a natural progression for me. I was really inspired by @designerdaddy and other creators, as well as YouTube, which has taught me everything I know. I am honestly just trying to make what I love and make someone smile seeing a childhood cartoon or character brought to life. I hope this makes sense.”



If you love the end result, or the destination, as it were, you’ll probably love the artist’s journey that got her there. Rosie’s social media is active and full of progress updates and process videos. She also writes about the challenges and obstacles that come along the way. It made me appreciate the difficulty and effort that it takes to create just one dress: sometimes she needs thousands of meters (3000 feet!) of material to create the ruffles and different layers of the dress.



By making these dresses, Rosie pays homage to her favorite childhood movies that come from these giant franchises, though she doesn’t try to copy them one-for-one, as she tries to add a little something unique and make them her own. But it isn’t the only type of dresses that she makes. She recently made a pride gown that includes all colors of the rainbow. She also experimented with facemasks and created a dress made exclusively out of them. Make sure you go to her Instagram and TikTok and check them out; they’re as impressive as the dresses featured in this post.
















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