This Baby Was Dressed As Zombie For Halloween Photoshoot And She Nailed It!

Family is all about spending enough time with each other. Even when your kid may not understand what is going on with your work, that kid will show unconditional love you can’t help but giggle in happiness from. Halloween is a fun time to let your kids get familiar with the neighborhood with trick or treats. But what you’re about to see might not make you giggle as much.

Tifflynn Photography‘s photographer, Tiffany Renfroe, has decided to include their children in Halloween this year. And she’s not about fun trick-or-treating – she wants them in her formal photoshoot session on Halloween theme.

So, she got on to dress her youngest, baby Oakley, who was 11 months old as the zombie.

And boy, she did not disappoint.

Here’s her mom going on breaking down how she got the idea of Oakley being a zombie.

She might be a zombie, but she still loves daddy.

Plus, she loves eating his dad’s guts.

And of course, it was one hell of a struggle trying to get great pictures with a baby, but Tiffany played into her world and took amazing pictures!

And these ‘guts’ are actually red velvet. That’s why Oakley was munching on them willingly.

Here comes the rescuer(?).

The Internet reacts positively on their amazing works!

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