This Beautiful Girl lost her £ 27,000 teaching job during the confinement and now makes thousands of dollars selling images online.

A good indicator of the economic impact of COVID19 is the rising unemployment rate. Millions of people have lost their jobs and are struggling financially to feed themselves and pay their bills, including rent. But while a large proportion of people face financial and job search difficulties, some are agitated. We are all aware of the closure of schools around the world. Teachers had little or no advantage left to survive amid the pandemic; therefore, for many he lives in hell on earth.

But of course, one among the millions of teachers in the world has made a shift into the world of selling saucy photos online. Riley Summers had lost her £27K teaching job during the virus crisis but did turn to sell photos online. Riley now makes thousands per month as well as get inundated with marriage proposals.

The 23-Year-Old from Los Angeles does have a good appearance, and it was indeed an inspiration. Specifically, Riley claims she’s enjoying her freedom as being a teacher didn’t permit the upload of sexy photos. ‘I am very new to social media, but I love it. I am immensely enjoying the opportunities it gives me to be sexy and fun but still keep up a barrier or boundary between my followers and me. Riley reportedly said.

The beauty with over one million followers on Instagram added: ‘It made me feel confident, and I get the adrenaline rush every time I post a naughty picture. We can engage with fans and make them feel special – even if their lives, in reality, aren’t all that special. It’s pretty good being likable, based entirely off looks.’ Interestingly, Riley makes £6000 weekly, and her followers often send her poems, marriage proposals, and sweet messages.

However, Riley admits to experiencing hang-ups (personal issues) just like anyone else. The former educator, who enjoys showing off a lavish lifestyle, equally reveals that being hot doesn’t mean a perfect life.

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