This Beautiful Girl Says “She is 21 And Have A Boyfriend 54 Years Old, He Buys Her Anything She Want”

Nicole Downs and her BF Michael have proved that age is nothing but just a number! The 21-year-old has been posting videos of her life with the 54-year-old, who’s utterly 33 years older. In most of Nicole’s posts, she gushes about all things Michael has bought her since going public together.

Nicole Downs, 21, dating Michael, 33 years her senior, has insisted she genuinely loves him.

Quite exciting is that he paid for her plastic surgery procedures, including lip injections, Botox, and recently, a Brazilian butt lift. The pair’s shopping sprees range from splurging on designer bags like Louis Vuitton to bags filled with Forever 21 clothes.

And despite calling him her Sugar Daddy, who pays for anything she wants, Nicole wants to MARRY him.

The pair have been together since 2018.

Mainly, Nicole of Michigan has been with Michael for over three years. They both went public when Nicole shared him on her social media account, Instagram, in August 2020. Ever since their met, the duo has been inseparable, and thankfully, they didn’t get hate on social media.

On TikTok, she often shares snaps as they go on lavish shopping sprees together.

Meanwhile, Michael has even paid for her plastic surgery procedures, such as a Brazilian butt lift.

“So I’ve never really posted a pic of us, me and my boyfriend of over a year 10/20/18. I haven’t posted him because of our age gap and didn’t even wanna deal with other people’s negativity, but this is my life, and I do what makes me happy.” Nicole had captioned their first pic online. In the comments, many people had claimed she was only with him for the money.

It is unclear how much Nicole ‘earns’ from the relationship every month & often uses #SugarBaby.

Many internet users have since supported the ‘adorable’ couple, but a few claims Nicole wants Micheal’s money.

In response, Nicole has made it a running joke to upload clips where she asks Michael for money or takes her to the mall for limitless sprees. In one of her TikTok clips, she admitted she used him for money, was too pretty to work, and established her status as a sugar baby. Similarly, Nicole has opened up several times about wanting to marry him and spending the rest of their lives together.

All the best, Nicole and Michael!

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