This Beautiful Young Girl Reveals How She Maintain Her Youthful Look As She Is The Mother Of 3 And Mistaken For Her Son’s Sister

Age is often recognized by external signs of aging, such as wrinkles on the skin, gray hair, and sagging neck muscles. You may be young, but people may consider you older if there are signs of aging even in mild forms. Here, three mothers, often mistaken for their son’s sister, showed how to resist their age as much as they like.

30-year-old Valeria Lipovetsky from Canada claims to remain young by dancing regularly and sticking to very rigorous skin care routines.

Valeria Lipovetskaya, 30, from Canada, claims to keep her youthful through regular dancing and very strict skin care. The Russian native applies a vitamin C serum to her face every morning before using retinol for anti-aging. Rejuvenating the skin, the brunette diva Valeria exfoliates with a body brush that improves circulation and reduces cellulite.

Valari showed her old age rewind in a video on TikTok, and posted a video on YouTube titled “6 Ways to Stay Young Forever”. Her tips include taking a cold shower every night to improve circulation and reducing wrinkles by Gua Sha Jade. ‘We are receiving a lot of opinions from you. From people who say I look younger.

‘ It used to bother me. I tried to look older, but now I like it especially when people think of me as 13 or 14. I always say I spend time on skin care. Her mom advised her that she sleeps a lot and that she wears a heavy blanket as well. Over time, Valari’s viewers and subscribers were impressed with her advice, and she constantly applauded her appearance for her age.

One user said, “You are so beautiful and you look like you are 1820. The second is, “You are amazing. I love retinol. Good for your skin! Are there more age-specific stories to inspire? Well, we have a little more here and here. Take a look!

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