This Client Refused To Pay For Renovation So Contractor Destroys It All

Amber Trucke from Colorado trusted the renovation of her bathroom to a contractor but was met with a negative encounter. She had told Terry James Gregory she wouldn’t pay the balance until she saw the remodeled shower, but contractor Gregory didn’t take this well, and due to the $4K payment dispute, he destroyed all that he had just done.

Amber Trucke hired Terry James Gregory and Jordan Cazares to renovate her bathroom for $7,555.

Gregory of Dream Home Remodels, who works alongside Jordan Cazares, was seen in a video shot by the client’s neighbor swinging the giant sledgehammer and slamming it on the new tiling and installations from the shower’s walls while bellowing between bouts of demolition. “We put weeks into this. Thousands of dollars into this,” Gregory said as she smashed and destroyed the walls.

There was still a $4,300 balance, which Trucke intended to pay after seeing her shower had been done correctly.

However, the contractor got angry with her decision and came to the house just to smash the shower into pieces.

Terry knocked down the walls because Trucke didn’t agree to pay for his job immediately.

The neighbor who was filming could be heard in the background asking him to stop, but the man’s answer to this was, “Is someone going to pay me?” No contractor in the state of Colorado will fix that; when they found out, I took it back because you refused to pay me. No one.” With irritation in his voice, he explained his way of thinking: the tiles in the shower remain his property, and so he can do with it whatever he wants.

Trucke’s neighbor tried to stop Terry and Jordan from destroying the bathroom but didn’t succeed.

Trucke had paid Dream Home Remodels of Colorado Springs $3,330 of a total of $7,555 owed for the project.

According to the invoices Trucke posted to her Facebook account, she had paid two contractors $3330 of an owed $7555. Cazares had sent her a Facebook pay request for the remainder on Friday morning and told her she had until that evening to pay up. But Trucke wasn’t willing to pay until she saw the finished job. What’s perceived from the messages with Jordan is that Trucke just wanted to ensure everything was correctly done before putting in the final payment.

However, Trucke created a Facebook account dedicated to this whole situation.

She posted both screenshots of messages that led to the contractors coming and destroying everything.

Similarly, she was of the impression that the work wasn’t finished yet. Trucke asked for the receipts of the materials, but Jordan wasn’t willing to provide them. The conversation culminated when Jordan declared that she and her husband would come to the house to repossess their materials and labor since she refused to pay.

In an interview with KRDO, Trucke said: “Watching it brings tears to my eyes. It makes me sick; it makes me scared. This is more than just trashing my bathroom; my sense of safety is gone.” It’s hard to choose sides in this situation, and of course, Gregory and Jordan have told their side of the story. Speaking with DailyMail, the couple said that at the end of the home improvement project, communication with Trucke broke down.

It was suspicious why the contractors didn’t want to send receipts for the materials they bought.

Gregory can be seen flashing a middle finger to Trucke’s doorbell camera around the driveway.

Cazares added that a contract has never gone so sour before and that she and Gregory don’t plan to make it a practice. “Payment was refused, and we ended up repossessing a tile shower. We didn’t enter the home with any intentions of damage to her property nor intimidating anyone present. She said she wanted to look at the work before she paid, at which point I said that she absolutely could do that. I needed to know of issues to fix or have payment by the end of the day.”

The remodeled bathroom.

Photos of its destruction.

And photos of how the shower looked when the work was still in progress. Well, it didn’t look that good.

Cazares also noted that even without removing the shower from her invoice, Trucke still owes almost $2000 for completed work in her home. This includes a vanity mirror, light fixture, plumbing work, an exterior door replacement, two ceiling fans, and fixing rotten framing in her walls. However, Trucke insisted she paid for all these items.

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