This Couple Is Living The Work-From-Home Dream In An Island Paradise For $25k A Year

In July, Vitaly and Jean Voronkova relocated to Bali for the island lifestyle after living and working in Moscow, Singapore, Vietnam, and Dubai. Satisfied with their decision, the young couple has detailed the price of eating, drinking, shopping, accommodation, transport, and even building a home office via a social media post.

Vitaly and Jean Voronkova moved to Bali after trying Singapore, Moscow, Vietnam, Dubai.

It was dubbed the cheap cost of simple living in Bali, and it also featured what they get for free. Taking to her YouTube channel, Ms. Voronkova, an ex-lawyer, estimated their all-up costs of living in Bali for a year at AUD25,000, not including set-up costs. The total monthly running costs were pegged at just over $2000.

The couple claimed to move to Bali was the best thing they ever did, so they hold no regrets.

“I left a corporate legal career across Singapore and Dubai for this life, and it took me almost 10years to make a proper transition away from my former existence to my current lifestyle, but no regrets. What we do now leaves me happy and fulfilled every day.” She said. One of Ms. Voronkova’s clips had been captioned: “My boring simple life in Bali makes me so happy.”

Renting a modern one-bedroom home in Bali costs between $550 and $800 a month.

When the duo isn’t engaged with their online business projects, Ms. Voronkova claimed they spend time surfing, painting, cooking, playing guitar, exploring the islands, and photographing. The highest cost in Bali is renting a modern one-bedroom home with a garden; this they say costs around $550 per month. And with a shorter lease and additional costs like a cleaner, it could rise to around $800 per month.

Ms. Voronkova is an ex-lawyer & also a surfing teacher!

She and her husband don’t drink but said beers in Bali could cost $12 for five small bottles.

Similarly, electricity costs $48 per month, and a work desk also costs $77 to build. However, the couple shared that they rented a scooter to explore their island, which costs $95 a month, including six gas refills. The duo ensures they live on minimal technology, but both have phone plans and data costs, reaching up to $40 per month.

Jean prefers a fresh coconut, which costs $2.75.

Vitaly also enjoys a dinner of street food. Two people can eat dinner this way for around $5, according to Jean.

Apart from surfing, the couple doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t party but enjoys relaxing at the beach while drinking coconuts or soft drinks are up to $3 each. Well, beers are pointed out to be cheap, standing in at $12 for five small bottles. Food remains the most affordable, with most fruits and vegetables costing a few cents at their local store.

So far, the journey for the couple has been simple and not BORING!

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