This Dentist Girlfriend Shows Her Life With Boyfriend By These 20 Funny Comics

What kind of comics would a dentist make? ‘Sweet Tooth Comics’ is a series done by a professional dentist. The most recurring theme is often on informative dentist procedures and people with funny quirks the doctor encounter at her work. Other times they’re slice-of-life comics of how she spends her day with her boyfriend.

If you love her adorable comics, then be sure to check out her Instagram page! She also offers commissions to people who are interested in getting her to draw things!

On bin day…

A pickup line!

The nightguard-look

To-Do list.



The Grin Reaper.

Toothfairy was off-duty.

The tongue sucker.

When peanut butter jelly invades.

Gotta get ’em straight.

You need flossing.

The Tooth Reaper.

Living in the present.


So… tiring…

Dental x social distancing.


Open up.

Where is Molly?

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