This Disneyland Gaston Actor Breaks Character After Girl Touches Him

It’s pretty often that Disneyland characters get treated as if they are actual villains, princesses, or heroes from the stories. While it’s okay for the kids to do that, adults should have more self-restraint at a family park.

A viral video from Disneyland shows Gaston’s actor asking a visitor to leave after she got touchy-feely with the actor.

The TikTok clip went viral with more than 8.4 million views and was reshared in other social media such as Reddit. Disney actors and actresses are always reading to let visitors take pictures of them. But a sense of decency and respect is expected from them.

While thinking Gaston is a charmer in the original cartoon ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ this woman put her hands on the man’s chest for a picture. She’d initially hesitated about doing it while Gaston posed in waiting.

And she went for it—bad decision.

Disneyland actors and actresses have very tiring schedules and must always stick to their script and character. Breaking out of it is taboo, but this Gaston had all the right in the world to do so. He’s just playing a villain, a playboy character. He’s a real man behind that costume.

The man immediately requested the woman to leave. The clip caught him raising his voice, asking the indecent visitor to leave.

“There’s children,” he could be heard saying after pushing the woman out of the way.

The TikTok user who shared this, Evan Snead, explained that this clip is from a while ago after saying, “Please do not be that person.”

He added, “Just so you know, if you do harass the characters like that, more often than not, they’re not going to play into it. They’re not going to think it’s cute.”

He gave a comparison, “If you don’t want a stranger going up to you, in public, at your place of work and putting their hands all over you, then don’t do it to the characters.”

“The characters want you to have a great time and enjoy meeting them, but it is their place of work, it is a family place of business, and they are also people.”

People couldn’t understand why some guests could get so rude with the actors with one writing, “Did the brain fairy forget to give her one that day?”

Another reminded, “It’s a Disney character from a child’s movie.”

One who claims to be a performer explained, “As a character performer, please don’t do things like this! And another big thing is please don’t let your children run up hitting us and stuff!”

“As a character attendant, PLEASE don’t do this. It literally is traumatizing to the performers and everyone involved,” warned another.

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