This Firefighter Got Fired For Her Instagram Pictures So She Sues Her Department

An ex-fireman is suing her old division subsequent to being terminated for posting provocative photographs on Social Media.

Guaranteeing she was victimized on account of her sexual orientation, Presley Pritchard, 27, who is additionally a self-portrayed online media powerhouse worked at the Evergreen Fire Rescue in Montana for 3years.

Presley claimed to have been fired for uploading pictures of herself to Instagram in August 2019.
Presley said in his complaint that “many male employees in the department have pictures of themselves in uniform, appearing on several social media accounts in front of fire trucks and in the department.” Also a
social media influencer, the 27-year-old Pritchard worked for 3 years at Evergreen Fire Rescue, Montana.

She also claimed that her colleague (a man) had uploaded material on her social network encouraging genocide, but was not cursed for doing so. Aside from sexism, I believe Presley was targeted primarily because she appeared in a public gym in sportswear.”
In particular, the photos on Presley’s page contain images of her on fire or in first aid kits. With pictures of her workout at the gym.

Her outfits vary, with some Presley wearing a sports bra and others wearing a baggy firefighter outfit.
“EFR doesn’t have a social media policy, nor has it ever been,” replied paramedics. The
company alleges that Presley shared photos of herself at the scene of her accident, which resulted in her taxpayer money being used for her personal gain. This act is presumed to be in violation of the provisions on defamation of the fire department.

The department equally claimed that Presley had photographed their items and then embossed them on t-shirts for monetary gain. After giving former firefighters a five-day ultimatum to delete all corporate content,
Presley posed with fitness gear and made money from companies like Nine Line Apparel, Herbstrong, and IUP Nutrition.

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