This Girl 2 Years Have A $20K Designer Wardrobe And She Became A Fashion Influencer

At any point found a baby who’s preferred dressed over you? Ends up, Anita Felix, a two-year-old baby is blowing some people’s minds around with her extravagant outfits. The young lady has over the long haul earned a serious after, a major gratitude to her $20K originator closet loaded up with bits of Givenchy, Versace, and Gucci.

Anita Felix, a two-year-old little child has accumulated a significant after, a major gratitude to her $20K planner closet loaded up with bits of Givenchy, Versace, and Gucci

Stella Felix, 27, Anita’s mother, who lives in Yovalinda, California, has about 12,000 Instagram followers and shares her latest purchases of Anita every day. Stele, who runs her daughter’s account, admitted that she fell in love with the designer brand even before she gave birth to Anita

She worked as a personal shopper and her experience reinforced her love for designer brands, even buying her daughters Versace, Balmain, Gucci, Givenchy and Fendi $20,000 in fancy clothes. Even her mom admits that she constantly faces backlash, but nevertheless she won’t limit her spending.

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