This Girl Who Is 19 Says She Pays Her University Fees By Having Five Sugar Daddies

As a student from a dysfunctional family, you begin a difficult life to balance work, life and school. It is not easy because you only work part-time and barely compensate for your studies with passing grades.

A Lincoln University student shuns the fact that the minimum wage for a working student is not enough for daily living. But when she worked as a sugar kid, everything changed and she helped pay off her student loans little by little.

She joined Seeking Arrangements when she was 17 and didn’t take it seriously. But everything changed when she started her college life. “When I went to college after 6th grade, I noticed that many women enrolled in college and had a very positive experience,” she said.

She can earn over $300 per date and tips can go up to $150 per date, as her sugar daddy tends to pay for her dresses, food and tips. “It helped them get a college life, pay rent, and own a car in college,” she continued in high school.

She also sees this as a learning curve. “Using search engines has made me more confident in communicating with men on the Internet, and some men lie about themselves and feel more confident about what they do and what they should be wary of. The biggest precautions and worries.”

“I asked my boyfriend what he thought if I took it more seriously,” Grace said. In return, she told him what to do with her sugar daddy and what they were saying in the message. She currently has 5 Sugar Daddys, 3 of whom meet regularly.

She also notes that she is only interested in platonic relationships and mentoring. Although her boyfriend fully understands that she is struggling with her money, her family is always “open and loving”.

She said, “When I first said it humorously, I told you to take the news and blow it up, but of course sometimes they can worry about my safety on the internet.”

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