This Girlfriend Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating Her After Very Extreme Lengths

There’s nothing more horrible in a relationship than the feeling like your partner isn’t being truthful to you anymore. That you think they’re looking elsewhere other than you, and that brings you hoping to find yourself wrong while you start to sniff around their social media account.

Chloe, a TikTok user, shares how her friend found out that her boyfriend had been going on dates with someone other than her.

At over 910k views, the viral clip records the sound of the woman who went through so much work just to find the woman her boyfriend was cheating with. And unfortunately, she was hit the nail on the head. She found out her boyfriend was out with someone else on a night out.

Her friend recorded her voice telling the story, “I caught him.”

“I went on Instagram, and I went on location tag,” the woman explained. As it appears, she managed to find her man in a picture posted by a woman who also used the same geolocation tag in her post. Yes, she went on every single woman’s profile and checked their story as well as recent posts.

Once she found him, she screen-recorded the story as proof. One of her friends called her a ‘psycho’ with which Chloe used to tag her post.

However, people think she’s just a genius, with one commenting, “She’s not psycho, she’s just smart.”

Another added, “Not Psycho! Reacting to the way men treat us and take us for fools. We don’t let anything go! We can tell if something isn’t right; trust your gut.”

Several people were taking notes, with one commenting, “I never thought of this. She’s a genius.”

Several people added that if a relationship makes you go to dig so deep to find proof for their dirt, then it’s not worth holding on to. One shared, “I’ve learned the hard way if it feels sketchy, then it is. Get out ASAP.”

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