This Homeless Mother Of Two Babies Was Found On The Streets Of Ghana Then Goes Through An Amazing Transformation

When the United Nations last tried to count the number of homeless people around the world, it was estimated that around 100 million people around the world had no place to live and another 1.6 billion did not have adequate housing. With urbanization, that number has only increased and, driven by poverty and other uncontrollable socio-economic hardships, people end up on the streets and struggle to survive. This is particularly pronounced in developing countries, and a world in which everyone has a place to call home seems inaccessible.

Homeless people are stigmatized, therefore they live their miserable lives in the shadows, but everyone has a story and sometimes losing a home is beyond a personal choice. How often do you go to a homeless person to help or just listen? The DeGraft Johnson Foundation wants to change that. The Ghana-based charity is gradually trying to change lives and one of the people who have been given another chance is Jasmine Turkson.

A homeless woman named Jasmine Turkson was found on the streets of Accra with two children in her arms and underwent a beautiful transformation. Jasmine ended up on the street after she was unable to house her children. Not only was she done with a glamorous makeover that made her feel better, but she was also given a fresh start with donated money and accommodation.

A homeless mother of two was found on the streets of Accra, Ghana

Jasmine Turkson ended up homeless as she was not able to provide shelter for her family

The struggling woman and her sons seemed unkempt when the local charity captured them in photos

She was given a glamorous makeover and a chance at a new beginning by the De-Graft Johnson Foundation

On August 25 of 2020, the De-Graft Johnson Foundation shared a transformation story on Facebook saying:

“A transformation of Jasmine Turkson, a lady we found on the streets of Mccarthy Hills in Accra. De-Graft Johnson Show listened to her and decided to give her a total make-over, some money for her upkeep and a place later she can call home… We call on all of you to join the fight as we share hope with the rest of the world.”

The De-Graft Johnson Foundation is a charitable organization based in Ghana that seeks to improve the welfare and health of the disadvantaged in our society.

The organization also donated some money for her upkeep and a place the family can call home

The heartwarming makeover touched people on the internet

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