This Husband Insisted That He Did The Cleaning So Wife Went On A Week-Long Strike

Jalie, a TikToker, decided that she’d go on a wife strike. She’s had enough with her husband claiming that he does all the cleaning all this time. For a whole week, Jalie documented how the house looks like when he left the man of the house in charge of the cleaning.

She figured this would be the perfect time to teach her husband the meaning of teamwork and appreciation.

Day one of strike: the laundry basket.

A shocking revelation. How could he just leave this alone?!

The 27-year-old Florida wife continues on to the 2nd day. There’s an improvement.

On day 3, the man’s side of the sink is still as messy as ever.

He “cleaned” the toilet.

In an update video, she shows what the kitchen side looks like.

The laundry basket is still there on Day 4.

But the toilet is finally looking good! Everything is neat and in place.

The sink still looks like a tornado walked through it.

Five days in and he finally cleaned the sink.

The laundry room is a disaster room.

Cleaning supplies + Q tips.

There’s an improvement in the laundry room. Still a mess, however.

People are in confusion as to why do men do this.

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