This Illustration Is The Explanation That Why GF And BF Don’t Understand Each Other

You can never know everything about someone without spending a good enough time with them. Even those friends that you’ve known for decades still have stories they have never told you before. Your parents might also have secrets they never tell anyone, and you yourself have histories that you don’t feel comfortable talking about to others.

That’s life. That is part of being human – the more sensitive is a story, the more trust is needed before one can open up about it. Trust is not something that can be built overnight. You have carefully, steadily nurture it with love to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

This illustration shows how you can’t really know what’s happening in the background.

It seems like it’s completely normal that you’d share everything with your partner in a relationship. You also expect them to do their best for you in every situation. But this is often misinterpreted, and the description of the story will explain to you how.

What can people learn from this?

This relationship has taken a few right steps, i.e., the woman giving the man full trust, who later extended his hand to her. But both are having expectations of each other without fully knowing what they’re both capable of. A different illustration would be expecting a doctor to be capable of curing anything, which is unrealistic.

Talk about it! People, we’re no strangers to the common notion that men don’t pick up hints women drop. Women also don’t like to be straightforward with things they want because they want them to make the first move. Similar to how the woman here thought, “Why can’t the man use a little more strength to pull me up?!”

Without properly communicating things, both parties will end up with “how could him/her.” Stacey Laura Lloyd shared on Bride, “It’s important to show a woman that not only are you emotionally mature and able to keep an open line of communication.”

Maturity also means “thinking rationally, not overreacting, and solving problems together after careful discussion.”

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