This Is Hilarious Wife Re-Watches Her Holiday Video To Find That Her Husband Was Focusing On A ‘Bikini-Clad’ Woman

A woman who just got back from her trip to Florida with her husband found out that he has been eyeing a different lady while filming her. The wife, who goes by the name thiccfila on TikTok, uploaded the video on TikTok to show where it’s actually focused on.

Over 3 million views were on this video that shows what the man was filming.

After getting back, she decided to rewatch the video her husband took at the beach. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the video was focused elsewhere and she wasn’t the “main character.”

“Let me get closer, so you can see me! I love Florida,” the narration reads.

She decided to strike a few poses around the pier, thinking her husband is taking a good video of her.

It wasn’t until a week later when the wife decided to rewatch the whole video again and realized that camera continued rolling, focusing on a certain individual in the background.

Turns out he was filming this bikini-clad lady.

The video went viral with over 250k likes. The TikTok user insisted that it was all a joke and she just happens to be in the frame. But one user wrote, “He’s literally recording a girl without her permission like obviously he definitely hurt your feelings. But you don’t think that’s even weird?”

“Is this supposed to be a joke or something because I would be single after this. I don’t play that,” another chimed in.

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