This Lady Doesn’t Wear A Bra At Work, Asks If She’s Being A Jerk

One of the best feelings of freedom is being able to take off your bra when you’re at home. There’s no one there to say no, or if you live with your family they won’t care about a single thing in the world whether you wear it or not. But when you are in a public place such as a workplace, you must pay attention to the dress code listed.

A Reddit user who recently landed a new job found it odd to receive complaints about the way he dressed. Specifically, about what she lacks in what most women wear: a bra. Confused that he’s never had anyone complain to him, the one-off AITA92848 asked Reddit if he’s an idiot for insisting.

“AITA for not wearing a bra to work?”

This may fall as more of a cultural thing. Some workplaces are more conservative than most. While the woman claims that she’s not wearing revealing clothes, her co-workers managed to notice when she’s not wearing a bra. Body autonomy should always be respected, but there’s a reason why there are rules pertaining to public safety when it comes to one’s private parts being visible.

We are moving towards a more accepting culture where people are spending less attention on what people wear. “Business casual doesn’t necessarily mean casual—what it actually means is that you don’t have to wear a suit and tie,” explained Tan France.

He continued, “A casual office dress code is less restrictive than business casual, but that doesn’t mean you should dress as casually as you would outside of work.”

What’s considered formal and appropriate will keep changing in the future, just like how Rawiri Waititi, who didn’t wear ties to the Parliament in New Zealand, signs the abolishment of the rule that makes ties mandatory.

People are split, but agree on that the people of her workplace have made it clear they wish her to wear one at work.

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