This Lady Shares That How Adopted Children Get ‘Returned’ Via Facebook And Shows Real Examples

Every child deserves to have a family. Every child deserves to have a home. And adoption should be forever. Unfortunately, real life is often harsh and far from every child grows up with love, care, and parental support. The sad reality is that even some of the children who get adopted are sometimes ‘returned’ and put up for so-called ‘second-chance adoptions.’

And if you think that’s bad enough, wait until you realize that some parents try to rehome their adopted kids through social media sites like Facebook. Meanwhile, other parents who gave away their adopted children moan about how difficult the experience was for them. This is the practice that a woman named Kirsta, aka TikTok user Karpoozy, has called out in a candid and in-depth video.

The TikToker shared some examples of posts made by adoptive parents

The Atlantic points out that between 1 and 5 percent of all adoptions every year in the United States get legally dissolved each year. Some of these children are then put up for ‘second-chance adoptions’ and the search for a new loving family to take them in continues.

Of course, the situation gets very complicated when you consider the fact that far from every child is an angel. Some might be mischievous, some might even be violent, so it’s not like every single parent looking to rehome their adopted children are ‘evil.’ Sometimes… it’s simply not a good fit and you can’t even realize this fact until the family has all lived together for some time. However, the actual practice of looking for a new home via social media is very questionable.

Even though from a legal perspective, these adoptive parents might be doing nothing technically wrong by putting up their kids for adoption again, this action can be very traumatizing for them. Children who end up rejected this way can end up having lifelong doubts about their worth.

Mayra Mendez, a psychotherapist from Santa Monica in California, explained that dissolving adoptions and ‘returning’ kids carries a significant risk of trauma for the child.

“A child that experiences several different placements and family living situations is at high risk for forming insecure attachment,” Mendez said, pointing out that the child will have trouble trusting adults, will be more likely to struggle with depression as well as with mood instability.

According to The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the number of children in foster care in the United States stands at around 420k. Around 120k of them are children who are ‘available for adoption.’ These are massive numbers. And unfortunately, getting adopted doesn’t mean the end of the story with a happily ever after for some of these children who end up being rehomed.

Here’s how some people reacted to the video

However, some people said that nobody should be quick to judge because we never know the full stories

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